Pancreatic Surgery

Its an elongated solid organ of 14-16 cms. situated deeply. Pancreas consists of three parts , Head, neck and body & it lies horizontally into upper part of abdomen. It synthesizes and release digestive enzymes into duodenum (small intestine). The pancreas secretes an alkaline juice with enzymes such as – amylase and lipase, which help to digest the fat, protein as well as carbohydrates from the food that we eat. Apart from digestion, it also releases INSULIN to regulate blood sugar in the body.

Diseases of Pancreas


Pancreatic surgery is fraught with high risk of complications after surgery.  As the Best Liver Surgeon, he has frequently performed resection and reconstruction of pancreas in pancreatitis and tumours. Management of pancreatic diseases warrant multi disciplinary treatment from Gastroenterology, Interventional radiology and GI Surgeon. These guidelines are strictly followed to achieve best results   

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Pancreas is made up of Exocrine and Endocrine cells. Exocrine cells  secretes juices that are  responsible for digestion of food while Endocrine cells produce insulin that regulates blood sugar of body.

Gall stone disease and alcohol intake for long time is the major cause of pancreatic inflammation (Soojan ) that may later lead to pancreatic infection.  The infection is serious  and may endanger the life. So early treatment is warranted.

 Prolong alcohol intake can lead to  Diabetes and poor absorption from intestine (Malabsorption)

Sudden severe Upper abdominal pain radiating to back associated with vomiting and distension of abdomen. Patient may experience difficulty in breathing

No, except Liver and Spleen ,no body organ  regenerates

Yes, Commonly, it develops into the head of pancreas leading to  yellowish discoloration of eyes(Jaundice) and loss of body weight & appetite


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