Anorectal Surgery

The rectum and anal canal form the last portion of the gastrointestinal tract. The rectum serves as a reservoir for fecal contents, and the anal canal regulates continence and defecation via synchronization of events regulated by complex interactions among autonomic nerves and voluntary efforts.  The rectum can be divided into two parts: the upper part being mainly propulsive and sharing a similar diameter to the sigmoid above; the lower part, being mainly for storage, is dilated and called as rectal ampulla.

Anal canal  is about 3 to 5 cm long and it begins at the anorectal junction  and ends at the anus. The anal canal is an important part of the continence organ. It is surrounded by a muscular sphincter system which tightly closes the lumen. The internal anal sphincter is permanently contracted through the sympathetic tonus and relaxes under the parasympathetic influence. The external anal sphincter surrounds the anal canal like a clamp.

Diseases of Anal canal and rectum


Expertise Available

Colorectal carcinoma is on rise. It is being detected in youngsters more commonly. The symptoms may be similar to other non cancerous diseases, hence it is recommended to get specialist opinion early. Get Free Consultation from one of the best Anorectal Surgery Doctor G R Verma in Chandigarh

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