Liver Surgery

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The liver is the largest cone-type organ, dark brownish red in color, and situated in the upper abdomen on the right side. It weighs approx..900-1200 gms. Liver is divided into two lobes  (Right and Left) and both lobes together consists of eight segments (Four in each lobe) . The golden bile synthesized by liver is transported via a hepatic duct into the Gall bladder, where it gets concentrated and then discharged into the duodenum (first part of the intestine)  via the common bile duct. It helps in the digestion of food. The liver carries out many important functions in the body like digestion, regulating blood clotting, synthesis of proteins and detoxifying blood, etc.

Diseases of liver:

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Expertise available

Dr. Verma  has obtained training in liver surgery from Germany and Japan. He has extensive experience in management of liver diseases and  has performed a number of major liver resections for liver and gall bladder tumors and  hydatid cysts. He has contemplated  precision  surgery of anastomosis of hepatic duct with intestine (Hepatico jejunostomy)with excellent results.
Minimally invasive surgery  is getting more and more popular in expert hands for liver diseases. He has successfully performed laparoscopic surgery of hydatid cyst liver  and laparoscopic liver resections.
Awards and Honour German Academic Fellowship (DAAD) 1992 | Das Mohapatra Oration 2012 at ASICON 2012 at Kolkata | Best Laparoscopic Video award at National Conference of I.A.G.E.S.- 1997 Ludhiana | Metrogyl visiting professorship in laparoscopic surgery by Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo surgeons.– 2003 | Bahrampur oration 2007 by Orissa Chapter of ASI- 2007 | Presidential Oration in SELSICON 2014 Bhubneswar 2014 | Dr. H. Lalmohon Singh Oration of Manipur chapter of ASI, 2015 | Dr. PC Dubey Oration , KGMU Lucknow, 2018 | Bhubaneswar Oration Odisha Chapter of ASI Conf. Balasore. 2019